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About The Author

C. L. Holliday-Firmin is an award winning author that blends her playful sense of humor and whimsical vision of the world into her work. She is a DMV-born poet who is passionate about improving literacy, while increasing diversity and positive family representation in children's literature. Semi-new to the children books genre but not new to writing, this poet decided to step out of the box to share delightful stories after becoming a new parent. Born on Christmas Day, it is no surprise her first book is Christmas related. Her second book, “You Can Have Your Cake And Grandparents Too!”, is sure to have you remembering all of the good times you have had with your grandparents. Be on the look out for more short stories parents and children will absolutely love to read again and again. Be sure to join her email list to discover more about their work, writing process and future endeavors.


New Children’s Book

August 21, 2022

Available on Amazon, Barnes&Nobles, BAM, and IndieBound.
Reading Age: 3 to 8

Let’s Meet The Grandparents.

You Can Have Your Cake And Grandparents Too!



Hi! I’m Granny! I’m silly and a little mischievous. Whenever my grandson and I are together, we are sure to dance, play music and sneak desserts. I love my grandson to the moon and back.



Hi! I’m Mimi. I think learning something new is fun. Reading and coloring is just the start of our day. Would you like me to act out your favorite fairytale?


G-pa and Nana

Hello! We are G-pa and Nana. We like to bake in the kitchen and play outside. we will route for our no matter what you choose. Will it be cupcakes or soccer?


Grandpa and Gigi

Hi, I’m Grandpa. I like to do anything outdoors. We can grill steaks or watch fireworks. Hi! I am Gigi! Ready to play? I love to pretend. Argh me matee, can you be a pirate with me?


What inspired your latest book?

My little one is my inspiration for most things and in this case, so is his grandparents. Can you believe he has 6? My goal has always been to make sure love and family is the foundation of any of my books, and this is no different. His grandparents have continuously showered him with love and attention. They teach him things my husband and I cannot. The pure joy that radiates from their quality time was enough for me to want to share the story with the world.

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Literary Debut!

November 28, 2021

This heartwarming, colorfully illustrated children’s book poetically displays the magic in a family’s love, togetherness, and new beginnings.


Why I write…

I have been writing ever since I could hold a pen. Something about writing words on paper took me to my happy place. The first poem I wrote won 1st prize in my schools contest. It was a very memorable moment, but the thrill of continuing to write was most exhilarating and therapeutic. I took a hiatus from writing while attending college, but my pen knew I would be back. After recently becoming a mom, there were thousands of stories in my head with nowhere to go. With my husband and my little one as my muse, I finally had the courage to put my magical stories down on paper. I remember, as a child, my mom was overly excited about birthdays and the holidays. Actually she still is. Mom celebrates anything and everything just to have our family come together. Probably why no one was surprised, this Christmas baby’s first book was about a family’s gathering during the holidays. It was destiny! Thank you to my friends and family for your continued love, enthusiasm, and encouragement. A very special THANK YOU to my readers for your reviews and support! Stay tuned for new projects coming soon.


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2 x Reader’s Favorite gives 5 Star Review & Seal Recipient!

Reader's Favorite gives Mommy & Daddy's Christmas Treat and You Can Have Your Cake And Grandparents Too!, “A warm literary welcome!" with a 5 star review and their coveted 5 Star Silver Seal. 


First Nomination!

Mommy & Daddy’s Christmas Treat, Nominated for the 2022 Readers Choice Awards by TCK Publishing!


2022 Self Ink It Award Nominee

Mommy & Daddy’s Christmas Treat nominated in the 1st Annual Self Ink It Awards. A literary award created to support and celebrate the work of self-published authors.


Congratulations to our April 2022 Literacy Champion

Read for a Cause chooses C. L. Holliday-Firmin as their April’s Literacy Champion! “To some, negativity breeds negativity. doom breeds gloom. Rain brings more rain. But not to Christal Holliday-Firmin. Whether it be through her own children’s books,… or her positive, literacy-focuses online presence, Christal does her best to bring light to the world- to “be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.”


“You can Have Your Cake And Grandparents Too!”, Earns the Literary Titan Award

“…this is such a great book for young readers to see the importance of family bonds. To show how the connections and relationships we build with our relatives are vital to our growth and overall happiness.” - Literary Titan

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My goal is to create colorful engaging books for children that brings excitement to reading, opens their minds, and fuels the imagination. I want to inspire people, be the reason story time is a new family tradition, while contributing to decreasing illiteracy numbers across the world. Being a critical component for people developing a passion for learning and books is a dream, but I need to start at the root. In my vision, I am donating books to underserved schools, communities and children’s hospitals. With every book purchased I will donate money to literacy organizations who have reach that can positively impact millions. I am writing more than books, but stories that enable people to see themselves and understand others. Stories that may resonate with my readers and bring us all together. If I can touch the life of just one child and their family, I will be happy.



That special moment between parents before their special gift arrives is never shared enough! I look forward to reading this book to my little ones. The story is full of love and family! Always the right time and right message❤️


“ The journey of a lifetime starts with the turning of a page.”

Rachel Anders

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J.K. Rowling

“I do believe something magical can happen when you read a book”